About Us

Strengthening accountability within the WASH sector is essential to achieving the goal of universal access by 2030. WASHwatch supports this effort by bringing together key datasets from the WASH sector and beyond, along with WASH policies, strategies and commitments.   

Governments and donors regularly make commitments to improve access to WASH. Pledges tare made through national policies and strategies, through regional declarations such as SACOSAN and AfricaSan, and through global targets such as the Sustainable Development Goals. However, the gap between the ambition of these commitments and the actual progress made in extending services often signifies a lack of accountability.

WASHwatch aims to respond to these issues by providing an easily accessible information hub for the WASH sector that encourages greater focus on monitoring and accountability. We are a collaborative online platform that provides civil society with the infomation and tools required to strengthen accontability for WASH commitments.

WASHwatch provides

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WASHwatch gathers up-to-date and reliable data and information in one public and easily accessible place. With this collated knowledge, CSOs can plan and implement campaigns and policies that make a difference.


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WASHwatch provides a space where all sector stakeholders can share evidence on progress or underperformance towards commitments. With this collated evidence, we can identify progress made and hold governments and donors to account.

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WASHwatch provides a space where all stakeholders can share their analysis of the sector and identify bottlenecks. We encourage collaboration and for WASHwatch to be a forum to connect NGOs working in the sector. With this shared in-country knowledge, you can help improve the development of SMART commitments and indicators.