For more WASH information we would recommend the following organisations:

  • Sanitation and Water for AllA global partnership for governments, international agencies and civil society organisations to achieve global access to WASH. 
  • UN-Water Global Analysis and Assessment of Sanitation and Drinking-Water (GLAAS): GLAAS is a UN-Water initiative implemented by WHO. The onjective is to provide policy and decision makers at all levels with a reliable, easily accessible, comprehensive and global analysis of the investments and enabling environment to make informed decisions for WASH. 
  • WASHfunders: A project of the Foundation Centre, WASHfunders has been developed as a hub for funding and needs-related data and information for donors, policymakers, and other stakeholders interested in WASH. 
  • Water Point Data Exchange: This platform maps out water point data so that all stakeholders can work together more efficiently. 
  • Public Finance for WASH: This is a research and advocacy initiative around domestic public finance for WASH.