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National Urban Sanitation Policy

India Sanitation policy from 2008

Ministry of Education circular on separate girls toilets at Schools

The Ministry of Education, Bangladesh, has issued a circular on July 24, 2015 ordering decent sanitation facilities in every secondary and higher secondary schools, colleges and madrasas. One of the key points there is ‘separate toilets for girls with provision MHM facilities’. Referring the ‘Bangladesh National Hygiene Baseline Survey 2014’ by Wateraid, the circular sees some clear instruction on a few issue that we are advocating for long time. Some of them are: - separate toilets for girls with provision MHM facilities - provision of toilet for person with disability - ensure availability of water and soap in toilet - SMC and teachers to ensure cleanliness of school toilets - constant monitoring of health, education department and local administration

Comment from Local Sanitation Provider

Under the leadership of the new government, there is a huge commitment to sanitation and making India open defecation free. Though the target has been set as 2019, it is likely that the country will need more years for every household to have a toilet of its own. As of 2014, it’s a beginning, with funding commitment from the government, corporate sector philanthropy; we need to see the execution on the ground. Additionally, great amount of capacity building is required to deliver on these commitments, moreso supporting the private sector in infrastructure creation. We agree with the scores at this juncture, will evaluate periodically and share the ground realities and observations with WASHwatch. The following documents include recent releases from the government concerning sanitation commitments.

Swachchh Bharat Evidence

The new Prime Minister of Union Government of India, Mr.Modi, has been giving lot of emphasis to sanitation. Over the past 3 months of his leadership series of consultations happened on revamping the sanitation programme. The following documents highlight key developments happening in the sanitation sector in India.

SACOSAN Traffic Light Paper

At SACOSAN IV in 2011, 13 commitments to end the sanitation crisis in the South Asia Region were made by participating governments. This paper is an attempt to record and evaluate progress made.