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Sanitation and Water for All Report

Sanitation and Water for all have reported on the progress of commitments made at the 2014 SWA high level meeting. 

ODF (Open Defecation Free) 2020 campaign framework, Kenya, 2016

Kenya's objective is to achieve 100% ODF status by 2020. This new "National ODF Kenya 2020 Campaign Framework" was recently adopted to support country partners in developing work-plans and securing resources to reach this objective. The Campaign Framework has been aligned with the Kenya Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Policy (KESHP) 2016-2030 and the Kenya Environmental Sanitation and Hygiene Strategic Framework (KESSF) 2016-2020 respectively. More concretely, this framework will support partners in:
Developing capacities of key sanitation stakeholders
* Developing an effective monitoring and evaluation system
* Mobilising partners and the media to support the campaign goals
* F
acilitating and assisting County Governments in achieving their respective ODF targets
* Engaging and enabling the private sector to respond effectively to the demand created for sanitation materials and products and mobilise resources to allow counties to achieve their ODF targets, by 2020.