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8 - Engage the Health sector at all levels in sanitation and hygiene promotion as critical agents of preventive healthcare.
Decided at SACOSAN V, 2013

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Active inter ministerial coordination mechanisms between Sanitation and Health sectors exist.
No progress at all
Work in progress on developing the mechanisms
Mechanisms developed
Mechanisms developed and implemented
× 50%

CSO Traffic Light Paper scores and evidence, Afghanistan, 2016

The FANSA and WaterAid team developed scoring guidelines to all the SACOSAN countries to help them carry out this TRAFFIC LIGHTS PAPER (TLP) which is a way of bringing citizens’ voices to the table when governments meet at SACOSAN and to evaluate the progress made by the Governments.

Achievement reported for commitment "Active inter ministerial coordination mechanisms"

Monthly Coordination meeting of Water and Sanitation Group and Sanitation Technical Working Group STWG led by MRRD at the national level bring together all WASH stakeholders, and sector Ministries including Health. TWG on Hygiene Education led by MOPH is also a good example on inter- ministerial coordination between health and other sector stakeholders.  Urban sanitation is part of this mechanism.  The MOE school WASH monthly coordination led by the Department of School Health  is also another good example of coordination between health and other sectors. .  Also humanitarian clusters such WASH and nutrition coordination mechanism developed and led to proper interventions during emergencies. However effectiveness at the national level to be worked out,  and regional and provincial coordination yet to be developed and strengthened

    New initiatives of integrating sanitation and hygiene messages into the agenda of the health sector services.
    No progress at all
    Work in progress on developing the messages
    Messages developed
    Common Messages developed and integrated into health sector
    × 50%