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8 - Engage the Health sector at all levels in sanitation and hygiene promotion as critical agents of preventive healthcare.
Decided at SACOSAN V, 2013

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Active inter ministerial coordination mechanisms between Sanitation and Health sectors exist.
No progress at all
Work in progress on developing the mechanisms
Mechanisms developed
Mechanisms developed and implemented
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Achievement reported for commitment "Active inter ministerial coordination mechanisms"

As the evidence for both the indicators suggests, there is active coordination 5 amongst NRHM and SBM programs to spread the message of sanitation. At the local level in rural areas, ASHA workers are not only working on achieving NRHM goals but are also tasked with SBM goals. Their roles and responsibilities help align incentives to achieve these goals. For e.g. Payment of Rs. 50/- per toilet constructed. * Even though there exists evidence of engagement of health sector with sanitation to a great extent but is not formalize

    CSO Traffic Light Paper scores and evidence, India, 2016

    Traffic Lights Paper (TLP)/Progress Chase Matrix of the commitments made by the countries represented at the South Asian Conference on Sanitation (SACOSAN) V held in Kathmandu, Nepal during October 2013. It was prepared in close consultation with FANSA and WaterAid India, and other key stakeholders in the sanitation sector.

    New initiatives of integrating sanitation and hygiene messages into the agenda of the health sector services.
    No progress at all
    Work in progress on developing the messages
    Messages developed
    Common Messages developed and integrated into health sector
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