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Sector Coordination Mechanism


Coordination mechanisms help build coherent action among actors in the WASH sector.

Ministry of Public Works, Liberia

The Department of Rural Development, with the Ministry of Public Works, is repsonsible for the managing of the rural water, sanitaiton, a...
02 Feb. 2017

Environmental Protection Agency, Liberia

The Environmental Protection Agency is responsible for managing water quality in Liberia and has a technical committee on sanitation.
02 Feb. 2017

Call for WASH Commission Establishment Intensifies

Liberians have petitioned members of the National Legislature to pass into law a Commission that would resolve the issue of fragmentation...
13 May 2016

Liberia WASH Platform

On this site you will find information on the Liberia WASH Sector — stakeholders, events, project information, water point mapping data, ...
22 Jan. 2016

Government Policies & Strategy


Institutional framework creates enabling environment for sustainable and equitable sanitation and water management.

National Health and Social Welfare Policy and Plan, Liberia, 2011-2021

the plan objectives are to increase access and utilization of quality health and social welfare services, to improve responsiveness to pe...
18 Jan. 2016

Water Supply and Sanitation Policy, Liberia, 2009

This document articulates fundamental policy principles for both urban and rural water supply and sanitation service provision. It provid...
18 Jan. 2016

WASH Sector Monitoring


Monitoring mechanisms hold government to account and provide the data for Evidence-Based Decisionmaking.

Sanitation and Water for All, WASH Economic Briefing, Liberia, 2012

This economic briefing was prepared for the 2012 High Level Meeting on Sanitation and Water for All. The document analyses the broader we...
01 Dec. 2016

Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx), Liberia

The Water Point Data Exchange (WPDx) is the global framework for sharing information about water points. The WPDx repository is the world...
23 Nov. 2016

Joint Sector Review (JSR) Report, Liberia, 2015

The JSR provided a two-day forum on July 15 – 16, 2015 for stakeholders to discuss progress, and decide on the best way forward for the s...
30 Jan. 2016

Economic Impacts of Inadequate Sanitation, Liberia, 2012

This study estimates the non-monetary, financial, and economic costs of poor sanitation in the areas of health, drinking water, and domes...
22 Jan. 2016

Country Status Overview, Liberia, 2011

The Country Status Overview, commissioned by The African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW), aims to help countries assess their own serv...
18 Jan. 2016

Joint Monitoring Programme Estimates, Liberia, 2015

The Joint Monitoring Programme (JMP) for Water Supply and Sanitation provides estimates on the use of water sources and sanitation facili...
18 Jan. 2016