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3c - To take the necessary steps to ensure national sanitation programs are on track to meet these goals.
Decided at AfricaSan 2013 as part of the eThekwini Declaration.

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AfricaSan West Africa Regional Meeting Report

The attached meeting report provides a summary of proceedings from the The AfricaSan West Africa Regional Meeting 2013: Reviewing Sanitation Action Plans and eThekwini Monitoring. The purpose and focus of the sub-regional meeting was to bring countries together at a mid-point between AfricaSan conferences. In preparation for the upcoming 4th AfricaSan conference, countries reviewed progress on their Sanitation action plans, reviewed progress on the eThekwini commitments, agreed the 2012/3 monitoring baseline and had the opportunity for peer learning and knowledge sharing with other countries within their region.

Benin 3c Urban: AMCOW AfricaSan Process

The AMCOW AfricaSan Task Force Sub-Committee on AfricaSan Action Plans and eThekwini Monitoring spearheads processes for eThekwini scoring. National stakeholders manage a process to agree updated scores. There is an on-going process of country preparations. During preparations held DATE, the following comments were attached to the score: "Today the sub -sector of wastewater in urban areas experience significant progress with the implementation of the business plan of the national strategy. The SONEB, which is the lead agency for the implementation, has a work plan and receives technical and financial support from the World Bank (PUGEMU) and the Netherlands (PPEA II). In addition to the annual sector review, an annual assessment is in place for monitoring the results of the implementation of planned actions." * If you have access to materials (i.e the National Strategy for Urban Wastewater, the business plan for the implementation of the National Strategy for Urban Wastewater, and the work plan for Urban Wastewater Management) to support this comment please send them to us (info@washwatch.org) to upload here.*Please note that this information was obtained through WaterAid’s participation in the AMCOW AfricaSan Task Force Sub-Committee on AfricaSan Action Plans and eThekwini Monitoring

    eThekwini Monitoring Data - 2013 Baseline

    This is an excel download of eThekwini scores presented in WASHwatch. These scores are the baselines for the 2015 update, which were agreed at four regional meetings in 2013. The reports of these meetings are shared in other comments on this page. The scores will be updated shortly before the Africasan 2015 conference, based on country updating processes. If you feel these baseline scores should be changed as part of that process, please a) leave a comment here explaining your view and b) engage with your national process (you can contact us to help find details).

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